Guided tours and school visits

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At Swedish Museum of Performing Arts, we want to create a place of learning for the arts, dance, theatre and music, all of which are important for understanding the world around us. We offer a variety of events and programming, such as guided tours, creative workshops and exciting activities during weekends and holidays, for both children and adults.

To book a tour for pre-school, school or other single group, please call 08-519 554 94 Tuesday through Thursday 13.00–15.00. Or send an email to

Drop-in tours

On Saturdays and Sundays at 13:00 and 15:00, we have guided tours of the of the different parts of the mail exhibition On Stage:  music, theater, dance and marionettes.

Scengångaren – The Performer

Children 4-7 years
On April 1st the children’s pathway opens in the exhibition On stage! Join us as the "Scengångaren" shows its favourite places in the museum. The pathway is a story with a few tricky questions, which adults and children can experience together. The children’s pathway need not be reserved, and can be experienced on their own.

Workshop for the youngest

Workshop for children 3-5 years, more than 15 children
We explore sounds and ways of playing different instruments together. A workshop with movement, song and joy! A brief visit to any part of the exhibition On stage is also included.

The creative person

5 years - Secondary School, maximum 30 people
Within the exhibition On Stage, you can find a number of school subjects explored from the perspective of artistic expression. Through a variety of manifestations and stories in dance, theatre and music, we open up a playful approach to creativity, inspiration and knowledge. We look at how a creative process works, together with how the performing arts can influence and make an impact in various ways. Through a number of interactive elements, the students are encouraged to express themselves and be creative.

Prices and booking information

  • Guided tours for schools: 800 SEK
  • Guided tours for schools (adult students): 800 SEK + entry fee 80 SEK/person (21 years and above)
  • Guided tour during opening hours: 1200 SEK + 120 SEK entry fee/person (140 SEK entry fee/person from January 1, 2018)
  • Guided tour out of hours: 2000 SEK+ 120 SEK entry fee/person
    (140 SEK entry fee/person from January 1, 2018)
  • Workshop for the youngest: 800 SEK/group