About Scenkonstmuseet

– Swedish Museum of Performing Arts

A new museum

Scenkonstmuseet  is a premier experience centre devoted to the arts of dance, music and theatre, as well as being one of Europe's leading museums for performance. At Scenkonstmuseet the synthesis of art forms is as important as the mix of people. Social diversity is also to be reflected and encouraged, with the aim that everyone should have the opportunity to participate.

Dance, music and theatre

Scenkonstmuseet will bring the heritage of dance, music and theatre to life, through touching, enriching and engaging visitors. Its efforts to preserve and make available objects and musical instruments laid the foundations for this. Through the spectacular combination of interactivity and objects, the museum will reach an inter-generational and cross-boundary audience, both in Sweden and internationally. The museum is unique in its fusion of history and modernity, and in offering the opportunity for the audience’s own participation and creativity.


The activities of Scenkonstmuseet extend over the last 100 years. The collections, which have been built up over the past century, now contain around 50,000 objects, with the oldest dating from the 1500s. The collections include musical instruments, stage design models, costumes, art objects, theatrical figures and puppets.


Scenkonstmuseet is a state museum that forms part of Musikverket – the Swedish Performing Arts Agency.  Scenkonstmuseets exhibition space extends over three floors, and includes a large concert and performance space.