Everybody Dance!

17.10 2020–29.8 2021

Experience the magic of dance

Go clubbing with VR glasses, floss through the history of dance or stand still and watch others take a turn. Corona has put a stop to a lot of things. But you will always find someone dancing here!

From polska to Macarena

Everybody Dance! is an exhibition about dancing together. How is it that the Polska is still spinning today? What did it look like when grandma hit the dance floor? And what is it that causes a dance from Ghana, Korea or Brazil to be embraced by people on the opposite side of the globe?

Throughout history people have gathered to dance to the latest songs, outdoors, at home or at a venue. Dance crazes have replaced each other and whilst some have only had a short burst of popularity, others have had a long-lasting life.

50% exhibition, 50% dance floor

Voyage through multiple dance hits, explore the social impact of dance and get into the groove. Everybody Dance! is a collaborative project between Scenkonstmuseet in Stockholm, the Theatre Museum in Helsinki And Norwegian Center for Folk Music and Folk Dance in Trondheim.. A large part of the exhibition consists of video material submitted by dancers in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Due to corona – bring your own headphones!

We have placed hand sanitizers on the tables, implemented measures to ensure that there is a safe distance between visitors and operate a cash-free exhibition. All so that you can experience the magic of dance despite the ongoing pandemic. Bring your own wired headphones to reduce the risk of spreading the infection. The headphone jacks are 3.5 mm. If you have Airpods of a newer model you may require an adapter. And remember to keep your distance – especially if you want to dance!

The exhibition is on display 17.10 2020–29.8 2021.

The exhibition is supported by: