Sound Check

Make it. Play it.

16 February–18 August 2019

Break out your old mix tapes, swing your way to melodic bliss or incorporate exercise into creativity on the Synth Bike. The exhibition Sound Check: Make it, Play it promises a noisy cacophony that will make your hair stand on end and your stomach vibrate!

Without you the exhibition is quiet. Visitors to Sound Check will become performers, sound artists and producers, without any requirements for prior knowledge or musical education. The works presented in the exhibition delve into the moment between practice and performance, design and reality, where new musical tools make us hear our world differently.

Musicians, artists and inventors have developed several interactive installations that make it possible to create new sounds and hear the world in a new way. Here a birdhouse is the new bow, a black sensor glove replaces the baton.

Prepare yourself for singing pumps, pinball bass playing and a piece of radioactive uranium like you never have heard it before.

Contributing artists and installations:

  • Lucas Abela (AUS): Star Struck
  • Conor Barry (IRL) & Mogees LTD: Mogees
  • Enda Bates (IRL): String Pull
  • Sam Battle (GBR): Synth Bike
  • Stefan Bilbao (CAN): The Ness Project
  • Nicholas Brown (GBR): Chit-Chat
  • Chicks on Speed (AUS), Sara Lindsay (USA), Australian Tapestry Workshop: Theremin Tapestry
  • David Cranmer (GBR): Ore-Some Machine
  • Elas Dulas (POR): Baloica
  • Iain McCurdy (IRL): Sonic Playground
  • Mu (GBR): Mi.Mu Gloves
  • Moog Music Inc (USA): Moog Lab UK
  • Alexandra Murray-Leslie (AUS): E-Shoe & High-heeled Guitar Shoe
  • Gavin Prior (IRL): Springthing
  • Alexander Roidl, Dominik Meixner (GER): Press Play to Play
  • Studio Weave (GBR): Polyphony
  • Reactable Systems [SP]

The exhibition Sound Check is produced by Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, part of The Global Science Gallery Network. It was shown in Dublin in the summer of 2017.

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