Swedish Music Hall of Fame

New exhibition

Despite a population of only ten million people, Sweden is the third most successful nation of popular music after the United States and Great Britain. Since 2014, the most important people within Swedish music have been celebrated through annual inductions into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame. Additionally, since May 2018, these creators of music have been awarded their own venue in the form of a new, permanent exhibition at the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts.

At the Swedish Music Hall of Fame, you can find out more about the people who have contributed to what today is known as the ”Swedish Music Miracle”. Unique items connected to the inductees form a frame for the celebratory films that are projected onto the walls. The Swedish Music Hall of Fame does not classify according to chronology or genre. Rather, as a visitor at the exhibition, you will be thrown back and forth between various music styles and eras. 

The road to the Swedish Music Miracle

From the mechanical gramophone to the smartphone – man’s desire for popular music was as great 100 years ago, when records were a luxury item, as today when millions of songs can fit into your pocket. In a room adjacent to the Swedish Music Hall of Fame, we present an appetiser to the exhibition “The road to the Swedish Music Miracle” which we plan to open in 2019.