Photo: Jonas André/Scenkonstmuseet 

New collaboration with The Swedish Music Hall of Fame

The Swedish Music Hall of Fame moves in to the museum. This new exhibition pays tribute to some of Sweden’s most renowned music makers, from ABBA to Roxette. The exhibition opens 4 May 2018.

Sweden’s music lover has something to look forward to. In spring, we open a new permanent exhibition exploring Swedish popular music history at Scenkonstmuseet in Stockholm. 

New exhibition on popular music

“We are really looking forward to visualising and presenting our exhibition about Swedish popular music in this amazing situation and context. We will now be able to give the individuals in the Hall of Fame the attention they deserve and we are convinced that this collaboration with Scenkonstmuseet will strengthen popular music’s status as cultural heritage, ” comments Charlotte Wiking, CEO of The Swedish Music Hall of Fame.

Scenkonstmuseet and the Swedish Music Hall of Fame also plan to collaborate on programming and the collection of artefacts.

An important part of cultural heritage

“Scenkonstmuseet has one of the world’s premier collections relating to music, but in terms of popular music, there are many gaps to fill. This collaboration enables us to work long-term in strengthening our collections. The purpose of both the exhibition and collection development is to give popular music its legitimate place as cultural heritage,” says Daniel Wetterskog, Director of Scenkonstmuseet.

The exhibition opens this spring in relation to the 2018 induction of musicians into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame. The Swedish Music Hall of Fame is run by the non-profit collecting foundation Svenska Musikskattens Hus.